Care Manifesto

Why should we care?

The short answer is that we should care because our very survival depends on it—about which more below. That being said, let’s look at how your brand or business can increase its chances to survive and thrive with the tools, tips and inspiring stories offered on this platform.

The C A R E Principles strives to become a platform of strategic inspiration and education with a focus on positive change. It aims to be a clearinghouse for positive ideas that foster these principles, where likeminded brands and business can trade tips, seek out new collaborative ventures, learn new techniques for caring in their own organisation, or just get inspired by successful examples—and in this way join hands, however virtually, to build up a network for positive, profitable change.

Think of it as a tool for pivoting towards what economists like to call ‘stakeholder capitalism’, in which doing business means taking into account the wants, needs, work environment and living conditions of everybody—and I mean everybody—who is involved in or touched by your business in some way.

In the first place, your people, without whom you would never get anywhere at all. And your clients and customers, but also your suppliers and service providers. And don’t forget your communities: the places where you operate and the people who live, work, study and go about their business all around you.

And finally, there’s the world: All the people and communities on this fine planet of ours—remember? That thing that sustains and nourishes us. There’s only one, and when it’s spent, there’s no going to the planet bank to refinance or buy an upgrade … better to start cultivating a business philosophy and practice in which caring for the planet and its people is just as much a priority as turning a profit—if not more! In fact, we’ve arrived at the primary, fundamental reason why we should care: care is key to our survival, not just as brands or businesses, but as a species.

This stance encapsulates the driving force behind the C A R E Principles, explored in detail through the many examples on this website, in the video podcasts, in the Care Classes and in my book. These resources outline strategies to help you build your brand or business around the solid, future-proof principles of Collaboration, Agility, Reliability and Empathy.

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