Duo keynote sessions with wellbeing and HR expert Ann De Bisschop

The C A R E Principles were developed to help companies make the necessary shifts to remain relevant, but also to prepare your brand for the new demands and desires of your future customers and/or employees. The overall insight behind the C A R E Principles is about—well, caring: taking care of someone or something. Anyone can care. As the Care Principles start internally, a collaboration with Ann De Bisschop was written in the stars. Ann De Bisschop has had a career in media on C-level over the past 25 years. She has written 2 books on employee wellbeing and empathic leadership and is a successful keynote speaker on these topics. As former Wellbeing Director, Ann realizes that the working climate and rhythm can take a high toll. With tangible tips and strong eye-openers, Ann shows both employees as well as managers how to do better.

Ann’s knowledge in close collaboration with Isabel’s Care Principles methodology will give you more insights, a better understanding of your employees needs and a competitive advantage in understanding how to bridge marketing with human resources. We have developed a set of duo keynote options to cater to your needs. Order your duo keynote session by Isabel & Ann here and book us for a digital – live or hybrid experience.

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