The overall insight behind The Care Principles is about taking care of people or taking care of the planet, or both. Anyone can care.

Brands, organizations, or companies can become powerful forces for positive change in society, and they are in a position to lead the way by taking their responsibilities. So you should ask yourself: What side do you want your company to be on? Do you want to remain part of the problem, or will you be part of the solution?

Do you want to grow your brand or organization in a caring and sustainable way? Transform your company to be fully prepared for the future. You can shift your way of thinking and doing along four more axes that are embedded in the word CARE.

The right combination of collaboration, agility, reliability, and empathy needs to be found in the right, unique mix that best fits your company’s DNA. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is not a quick fix.

The Care Principles framework is a brand strategy toolkit that responds to the complexity of societal needs. This strategic toolkit lets companies grow in a caring and sustainable way, step by step, action by action.

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stands for Collaboration

We will need to focus more on working together in order to deal with the challenges the world is facing.


stands for Agility

We will need to react faster, become more flexible and learn how to adapt ourselves to this fast changing world.


stands for Reliability

In an era dominated by bad, fake or controversial news it speaks for itself that building a reliable and trustworthy brand is what really matters.


stands for Empathy

We will need to show our softer side and show we truly understand the worries that people are facing.

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