Hello, I’m Isabel Verstraete. I started my career in advertising and marketing and have worked in France, the Netherlands and my native Belgium. Whether working on the corporate or the agency side of the fence, my biggest driver has always been my ability to help brands.

An experienced Brand Strategist

In 2011, I founded my own strategy consultancy, and I’ve been leading strategic assignments in marketing, branding, strategy, communication, and innovation ever since. Based on this experience, I developed the i-scan: a repositioning methodology applied successfully by dozens of companies from SMEs to multinationals. My strategic assignments have brought me to clients including Lotus Bakeries, Lee Cooper, Vandemoortele, Ter Beke, Wonky Food, HRD Antwerp, Radio 1, bpost, The Netherlands Bach Society, Canvas, Sofie Dumont, Middelheim Museum, Deceuninck, ING bank, Febelfin, L’Oréal, Visit Antwerpen and many, many more.

I started working on the Care Principles in the midst of the pandemic to provide companies with a new vision and brand strategy framework to help them grow in a caring and sustainable way.

First, this resulted in the book Does your brand care? Building a Better World with the C A R E Principles. You can read the first 20 pages here.

Let me help your brand grow in a caring and sustainable way.

After the book, I continued to develop a brand strategy framework. If you want to go deeper and explore what The Care Principles brand strategy framework can do for your brand, let me help you. I help companies in finding growth in this fast-changing world. Trailblazer brands such as House of HR, The Rubens House, Zalando, Zeeman, Sephora, Letterenhuis, Nectarist, Group Jansen,…have already started to work with the Care Principles.

In close collaboration with market research company Ivox, the Care Scan was developed: an easy digital tool to find out how caring your brand is and how well it scores on the Care Principles

Caring about Diversity & Inclusion

Since 2019, I have served as president of FAM: the Female Association of Marketing, a hub of the Belgian Association of Marketing. We have been working on the development of an extensive smart female network of female professionals. In 2022 we take it a step further and I have become the captain of the D&I think thank within BAM (Belgian Marketing Association). D&I topics are part of the Care Principles as it is about adapting your organization to this fast-changing society.

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