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Drawing from Isabel’s research on successful crisis management, she authored “Does Your Brand Care? Building a Better World with the CARE Principles,” which emphasizes the importance of prioritizing CARE for people and the planet in business strategy.

The book was published in 2021 by Lannoo Campus and due to its huge success, we are already selling the third printing.

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What others say about the book:

“Focusing on the unique mix of the CARE Principles has ignited our performance!

The CARE Principles capture the unique aspects of driving our business success in the best way to deliver advancements in medicines for our patients, create an energizing and inclusive place for our great people to contribute their skills, and at the same time, build a company that can be sustained into the future.

Innovation demands collaboration and empathy for people facing brain diseases is the energy that drives us forward. Our imperative is that our medicines can be counted on to deliver. As the world changes, the agility to seize new insights in biology and new tools, like AI to drive the effectiveness of our research is critical”.

Deborah Dunsire, CEO Lundbeck

“With The Care Principles, Isabel provides a compelling and highly actionable research-backed map that modern organizations of all sizes can use to foster deeper engagement with their key audiences and stakeholders.

As forward-looking companies seek to share ever more compelling and authentic stories, genuine care for their employees and our world will become non-negotiable. Verstraete provides a perspective on how this can be achieved. In my mind, there’s never been anything more needed”.

Tom Briggs, founder: epigraph

“Business as usual is over. Turbulence will be the new normal. We really need to think about how we live and what we do. This also implies a shift in attitude towards how we do business. “Does Your Brand Care?” conveys a new methodology for helping brands to prepare for these extraordinary times. More than ever, we need to focus on what matters, not on what sells”.

Caroline Pauwels, Rector Vrije Universiteit Brussel

“At Special Olympics Belgium, empathy, trust, and respect are the key ingredients in fostering an environment where our athletes can grow and thrive—but also for knitting together the community of volunteers, sponsors, and partners that make our work possible. As the C A R E Principles show, these building blocks can be used by anyone in any sector to lay the foundations for a meaningful and sustainable society”.

Zehra Sayin, CEO Special Olympics Belgium

“Your brand will be stronger, when you genuinely care about your employees. The relations with your customers will be deeper when you are an empathic employer. Your organization will be more agile when your teams are truly empowered. The CARE principles described in this book bridge the gap between People and Marketing. They are the two sides of your company’s identity. I am convinced this book will spark great conversations between Marketing and HR, making your company and brand more authentic, agile, and simply better”. 

Ann Caluwaerts, Executive Vice President Telenet

“Inspirerende handleiding voor merken die zich opnieuw willen of moeten uitvinden, en voor ieder merk dat in deze tijd in beweging is”.

Caroline van Turennout, Directeur Marketing & e-Commerce Zeeman.  

“As technology investors at Fortino, we look for companies that are prepared for the future. The Care Principles are 4 shifts in attitude in the way to do business that helps companies become future-proof. Collaboration – agility – reliability, and empathy are pillars of a framework which enables sustainable business results”. 

Duco Sickinghe, Managing Partner Fortino Capital.

‘Does your brand CARE?’ is een boek dat leest als een trein en waaruit we ontzettend veel kunnen leren. Ik ben benieuwd naar het vervolg.

Johan de Vleeshouwer, owner Nectarist.

This is a very inspiring and to-the-point book! A must-read for marketers and anyone interested in brands.

Cedric Donck, internet investor and keynote speaker.

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