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The Caring is Sharing page highlights brands that show they have already understood the importance of care. Seeking out those brandsβ€”big and small, known and unknown, from all over the worldβ€”that make a difference and naming them is also a deliberate choice.

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Bye bye holidays!

Will miss all I adore about Portugal but am also excited with new projects, clients and a podcast series that are on the agenda!
#iloveportugal #algarvelovers #holidaysareover #backtowork #newclients #newprojects #newpodcasts #takecare

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we did it!
10 podcasts & vodcasts were created and broadcasted!
10 business talks in Flemish & French with people I admire and brands to learn from.
Thank you again for your inspirational and game changing stories in the Care Principles podcast:
Anne-Clotilde from Ikea.
Inge from Essential Antwerp.
Zehra from Special Olympics.
Peter from Protime.
Bram from Wonky food.
Ann from Telenet.
Maarten from Slowify.
Olivier from FΓ€rm.
Suyin from X-treme Creations.
Thierry from Google.
Your wise words, lessons, authenticity, resilience and insightful tips were amazing!
Thumbs up too for Koen who produced the Care Principles podcast and Dave’s voice over πŸ‘πŸ»
#thecareprinciples #podcast #vodcast #firstseason #businesstalks #linkinbio

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