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– Keynote speaker. Want to find out how the C A R E Principles can be applied in your company, or do you simply want to be inspired by how the world is evolving and why you should start to care too? Book a keynote session here and prepare a tailor-made session for your company in close collaboration with Isabel.

– Brand strategist. Do you have a strategic question, a repositioning issue, an innovation hurdle? Or do you simply want to get a couple of extra brains around the table? Contact me for all your strategic questions and issues.

Walk the Talk subscription. As a CEO or manager, you will need to make more decisions faster and without much external reflection. The Walk the Talk sessions are ideal, two-hour walks in which you can exchange ideas, get an external opinion of your questions and topics, and be inspired by examples of how other leaders would handle your challenges. Step out of your bubble and book your session now!

– Beam-me-up Buddy subscription. 2021 will be a year of transition in which Zoom fatigue, a demotivated home working team and the need for strategic foresight to build a world beyond the pandemic. The Beam-me-up Buddy sessions are tailor-made video calls to help give you an external perspective, an inspirational session, a broader look at things or simply a listening ear ready to hear all about your challenges. Anyone in a leading role can use it to spread the fresh air around in his/her teams.
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