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The Caring is Sharing page highlights brands that show they have already understood the importance of care. Seeking out those brands—big and small, known and unknown, from all over the world—that make a difference and naming them is also a deliberate choice.

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A clear ambition to become the best employer!

Already having won several awards that prove CEO Peter ‘s Jongers knows how to walk the talk…Listen and learn in this 3rd video podcast from the best in class companies! DUTCH spoken episode! Link in bio 👆🏻 #thecareprinciples #videopodcast #businesstalks #protime #petersjongers

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It’s almost happening: my book launch!

Thumbs up and thank you to all the talented people who have helped me realize this dream of mine! Last chance to subscribe to this digital book launch that you can either watch live on Thursday or at any moment that suits you better. Subscription link in bio folks 👆🏻 #thecareprinciples

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Did you already watch the Care Principles 2nd podcast episode with Inge Onsea, founder of fashion brand Essentiel Antwerp?

It is a fab talk in DUTCH about agility and how they took early on in the pandemic some serious shifts. It is an honest talk about sustainability. It is a fun talk as Inge is such a passionate, authentic and amazing woman! Check it out! Link in bio 👆🏻#thecareprinciples #videopodcast #essentielantwerp #ingeonsea #voiceoverdavepeters #directorkoendebruyn

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