Isabel Verstraete

Brands must find a new balance between commercial and moral objectives.

Because of the pandemic, nearly all employers have finally introduced digital and flexible working. While many companies are already doing their best, some are starting to feel as if doing their best isn’t quite enough. Recent research showed that 28% of people have lost the connection with their employer, a significant part of these people will start to look for a new job once the dust has settled.
What will business look like tomorrow?
People are openly questioning companies on their behavior. Critical journalism platforms such as Re-story, some newspapers, and consumer organizations are fuelling these feelings of distrust and are openly questioning the morality of brands. Brand boycotts such as witnessed by Ronaldo last week during the EK had a severe impact on Coca-Cola.
Businesses no longer compete in the commercial arena but in the ethical and moral arena, and this is not a fleeting phenomenon: this is what people will expect from now on. Shell and are just 2 recent examples of gigantic brands who experienced what a backlash it can give when brands think they can continue business as usual…
Brands must find a new balance between commercial and moral objectives. Companies tomorrow will be valued as much for their interaction with and impact on society as for their financial results. So, sure, your corporate social responsibility plan and your marketing purpose were a very good start and will differentiate you from your competitors. That is fine for now. However, it is not enough for tomorrow. In order to remain ahead of your competitors, you will need to make a profound shift in your manner of thinking and doing and in the way, you approach business. The C A R E Principles will help you make this shift at your own pace, in the right and unique mix that fits your company’s true nature and that feels honest and authentic.

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