Five tips on how to create a better customer care strategy

I find myself amidst a ‘workation’ in Portugal, my cherished second home for the past four decades. Recently, I indulged in the allure of Christian Louboutin’s Vermelho hotel, the inaugural boutique establishment of the three, he envisions for the quaint village of Melides in Alentejo.

While technically here for work, this getaway has afforded me the luxury of self-care, providing a break from the daily grind. It’s intriguing to ponder how a new hotel can swiftly carve its niche in a country and region gaining popularity.

In light of my experiences at the Vermelho hotel, I’ve compiled a list of 5 tips aimed at enhancing the customer experience and refining your overall customer strategy.

We all recognize the wisdom in cultivating stronger ties with existing customers rather than tirelessly pursuing new ones. Yet, we’ve all encountered subpar customer care, haven’t we?

My first insight stems directly from the Vermelho hotel’s exceptional approach:

  • Invest TIME in your customers!  Beyond the hotel’s impeccable design, opulent touches catering to its affluent clientele, delicious cuisine, and an overarching sense of hospitality, what truly captivated me was the amount of time every staff member dedicated to our experience. They seemed to possess an abundance of time—time to engage in conversations, guide us through the premises, inquire about our preferences, all while maintaining an air of exclusivity, even with the hotel fully booked. In our fast-paced world, granting such time to customers undeniably imparts a sense of exquisite luxury and exclusivity!
  • Empower your customer care team with the spirit of COLLABORATION. Tackling customers’ concerns often demands agents to seamlessly work together and across various departments. Customers anticipate businesses to join forces in resolving issues on their behalf. However, the reality reveals there’s significant room for improvement. In The CARE SCAN benchmark study developed by Ivox, we know that Collaboration with Clients only scores 52%. Clearly, there’s ample opportunity for enhancement!
  • Infuse a touch of PERSONALIZATION into their journey and exhibit AGILITY in your customer approach. Every business has its unique dynamics, and Vermelho hotel exemplifies this by asking, in their reservation confirmation email, about my preferred communication channel—be it phone, text, email, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Adapting to customers’ favored communication channels is key. Clients often seek connection through the same channels they use for personal conversations. Tailoring support to their preferred channels is a superb way to craft an exceptional customer service experience, demonstrating understanding and creating a personalized touch.
  • Build RELIABILITY through speed. Crafting an effective customer care strategy revolves around building a trustworthy relationship with clients. In today’s fast-paced world, clients want to feel valued and heard instantly. Consequently, refining customer processes that impede promptness should be a priority in your upcoming strategy.
  • Demonstrate EMPATHY! Recognize that not everything unfolds as planned—such is reality. Connecting with customers and truly comprehending their concerns is the cornerstone of a remarkable experience. This starts with empathy, placing the customer at the forefront of every action and being committed to aiding them. It’s not about explaining intricate systems or processes; instead, it’s about stepping into their shoes, promptly addressing issues, even if it means bending policies to provide satisfactory solutions.
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