Liena by La Petite Rooze

A caring collaborative model for a baby brand

Liena creates and produces luxury handmade Belgian baby crochet wear.

Owner Rita Lauwerier turned her hobby into a business with a set of convictions to do the right thing.

Collaboration and taking care of the planet is definitely at the heart of her convictions.

As a solo entrepreneur, she launched a brand platform in close collaboration with others.

That collaboration already starts in the creation phase of her baby products. The collections are created together with her clients and based upon a simple set of convictions:

  • all items are created on demand, in small quantities and at a fixed price.
  • No overstock but all items are produced in limited editions.
  • No seasonal items but all year fabrics and colours.
  • Highly customizable products to emphasis the differentiation in tastes and fully adapted to the wishes of her clients.
  • Finally all materials are produced in utterly caring sustainable fabrics.

Once the creations are ready, all products are produced in Belgium by a fix team of crocheting ladies. Over the years Rita has built a community of crocheting ladies with whom she closely collaborates.

Rita’s collaborative character can even be found in the way she displays her products. She shares a showroom with other brands.

This gives her the possibility to share best practices with these other entrepreneurs.

A beautiful small and local example of a brands that shows that caring for others in close collaboration with likeminded people can work in business.

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