A sustainability keynote for FujiFilm photo printing summit 2023

CARE for the planet and people are the core of the Care framework.

FujiFilm carefully selected the venue. Lochal is an old industrial site in Tilburg, that has been transformed into a multi-purpose building: a library, student hang out, food and beverage place, meeting and event location.

Explaining the Principles and connecting them with sustainability, innovation, marketing, and purpose was easy as the framework has been developed to stimulate these necessary business developments for the future.

It was fun to deliver insights for the theme of the summit ‘Power of the past, force of the future’.

Here is what the executives at FujiFilm said about the keynote:

‘In her Care Principles, Isabel Verstraete presents sparkling and refreshing ideas. In these turbulent and fast-changing times, her Principles are worthwhile to keep on top of your mind, ànd to apply them! She explicitly names the fears and barriers we are facing and simultaneously gives us simple, down-to-earth insights to tackle them.

Isabel’s presentation was a true addition to our Fujifilm Photo Printing Summit!’

Daniëlla Levy – Communication & PR Manager. 3D Business Development Manager Fujifilm.

‘Isabel is a joy to work with; professional, energetic, and passionate about Caring. She left a big impression on our Summit in March 2023. Isabel takes the crowd on a well-prepared journey and makes them think about people and our planet and how to implement it in your company. Our survey feedback showed her key-note was top notch.’

Richard van den Bergh – Business Manager Photo Imaging Products Fujifilm.

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