Collaboration and Agility as 2 drivers of faster change toward a more sustainable world.

Meiny is the CEO of Priva, a high-tech company that develops hardware, software, and services in the field of climate control, energy saving, and optimal reuse of water. They are a Dutch family-owned business but operate all over the world. Isabel Verstraete asks Meiny what she thinks about Collaboration and Agility, 2 shifts that are embedded into the CARE strategic framework. For Meiny, collaboration is always about creating a win-win situation. If not everyone gains from it, it’ll not work. Agility is for her linked to innovation and the many and fast changes in the tech world. Tech is evolving very fast so Priva is continuously updating its systems and training its people. Meiny admits that can be challenging and can put pressure on the organization. Make sure you will also listen to the 4th and final episode with Meiny as there we will dive deeper into her personal mission: the Sustainable Urban Delta, an initiative in which she positions the Netherlands as the most ecological CITY in the world.

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