Commercial Engineer Bachelor students at Universiteit Antwerp get lectured.

In a huge Aula, a few days before Christmas – and so right before the exams – I had the honor to give a Care Principles guest lecture in the Marketing class of Professor Nathalie Dens.┬áNext to explaining to these students the Care Principles framework: collaboration, agility, reliability, and empathy that companies can apply to their 4 main assets: their own people, clients, stakeholders, and the planet, I also informed them about the Care Scan and I organized a little quiz to let them guess the Care Scan benchmark study results. The university had told me to give away 3 books for the winners. So funny that next to the 3 winners who were in the Aula, several students contacted me afterward on social media to tell me they were watching my lecture online, and they also had the right answers! I ended up giving away several books to students on my own account, but he I love to give these guest lectures! It is my way to give back to society and educate the next generation of engineers and marketeers!

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