Diversity Manager Tamara Eelsing talks about the importance of collaboration & reliability for STIB.

Diversity Manager Tamara Eelsing and host Isabel Verstraete dive into the CARE strategic framework. We start this podcast episode to discuss the importance of collaboration for the Brussels transport company STIB/MIVB. One of STIB’s values is ‘together’. This is a good translation of #collaboration. How do they collaborate internally, with clients, and with external stakeholders? We also discuss the importance of trust and reliability. As STIB operates a lot in the public space, how do they help to make the public space like streets a safer space for clients who are waiting for the bus? STIB also innovates for disabled clients as they try to be a reliable partner in the lives of all people who depend on public transport in Brussels. Watch, and learn how STIB is depending on collaboration and how they foster reliability and trust.

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