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Empathy and Collaboration go hand in hand for AG Insurance.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, AG Insurance was shocked by the studies that revealed that 1 out of 2 Belgians suffered on a regular base from loneliness feelings. These feelings of loneliness were not only felt by elderly people, also young people admitted they often felt alone.

AG Insurance decided to act and created in close collaboration with associations such as The Red Cross a digital platform full of tips and help for people. On this platform, a series of concrete tips for people suffering from loneliness and for people willing to help:
How to help on a daily basis? Which associations are looking for volunteers? What to do when you are lonely? Why is it important to get help?

Together with its advertising agency Air agency, the platform and communication around it “All together against loneliness” saw the light.

This a beautiful gesture of empathy, a great gesture of a brand that knows that prevention is better than cure, a nice way of applying the Care Strategic Framework as:

COLLABORATION: was at the core of this idea: collaboration with other experts, associations on the field, and a communication partner to get the word out.

AGILITY: AG Insurance acted fast at the beginning of the pandemic in April 2020.

RELIABILITY: as the number one insurer on the Belgian market they had the trust of NGOs and associations working on the field to bring all actors involved together in this partnership.

EMPATHY: no commercial objectives are attached to this long-term platform.

Find out more about this initiative on Tous Contre la Solitude – Allen Tegen Eenzaamheid.

Check out the podcast episode here where Nathalie Erdmanis explains more about Tous contre la Solitude!
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