“How are you a caring consultant?’ a student asked me recently.

I must admit, his question caught me off guard as I realized that despite the fact that I urge my clients to be open and transparent about their actions, I had never communicated what I do in terms of giving back to society. One of my blind spots 🤪

So here is a short recap of how I apply CARE for people in my own, authentic way that fits with my brand DNA, my financial means, and my time capacity.

Since the publication of my book in 2021, I give 10% of my revenue after taxes to a good cause.

  • In 2021 I supported Be Code, a non-profit organization that provides inclusive coding and IT boot camps, in 5 Belgian cities to youngsters and job seekers who have difficult access to education and training.
  • In that same year, I also supported Rector Caroline Pauwels’s relief fund for students at the VUB, the Brussels university.
  • In 2022, I was devastated by Caroline’s death, and I gave again 10% of my revenue after taxes to VUB students who are struggling financially, materially, socially, or psychologically and are hindered in the development of their talent.

Next to donating money, I always try to make time to educate the next generation of students, free of charge. Many guest lectures at VU Amsterdam, TU Delft, Vlerick, Nyenrode business university, BUAS Breda, HU Utrecht, and Ihecs. I find it my duty to teach the next generation of professionals how they can grow on a personal level and a professional level, in a caring and sustainable way.

I love to interact with youngsters, listen to their worries, be open to their critical questions, and enjoy their enthusiastic reactions toward the Care Principles.

I realize it might be inadequate, but for now, I need to juggle my time between earning money and investing it in others. I hope one day to create a foundation that takes more profound CARE of people and the planet. It might stay with a dream, but without dreams no plans right? 🤩

Finally, I would like to conclude this article by stressing that all 56 episodes of the video & audio podcast were entirely financed by myself. There is quite a deliberate confusion and secrecy in the business podcast market, as more and more podcast hosts ask for money from their guests to appear in the podcast. Most podcasts don’t mention this, and only with inside information do you know which podcasts are ‘paid’ channels for brands in which they bring their stories.

My Care Principles podcast has never accepted money from the companies and business leaders I have invited, and will never ask for money. I consider my podcast an investment into bringing you inspiration on how other businesses lead with CARE, in the hope that you learn from these business leaders and realize it is time for you too, to start to act with CARE and balance out your business model between people, planet, purpose, and profit.

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