How can we choose for healthier food while taking care of the planet?

Care for the planet is at the core of MATR Food’s mission, a Danish plant-based start-up brand. As a brand strategist, I wanted to find out in this podcast episode how health and sustainability are related, and why that is of importance to all of us.

Randi Wahlsten is a business leader with a track record in the food industry. She is the CEO of MATR Foods and explains in the CARE Principles podcast why the food revolution will come from small innovative companies and not from the big players.

Most people know that we can lower our ecological footprint by eating more plant-based foods. However, most processed vegan food we find in retail does not have a small environmental footprint.

The founders of the Danish vegan brand MATR Food try to change that and offer a culinary product with local ingredients. Randi is open, honest, and transparent about how hard it is to make a business circular and fully sustainable. She also shares her insights for any company where in her experience the biggest gains in sustainability can be made.

For more info on how to grow your brand in a caring and sustainable way, contact me!

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