Is Christmas the right moment to make ads about positive impact?

YES is my simple and straightforward answer! Does it happen enough? No, unfortunately not! Still, too many brands use the end-of-year festivities to talk about their products or services and not to talk about their vision, purpose, or the positive impact they try to make on people and the planet.

Such a pity, as is there a better moment in the year to contemplate on past achievements and to look ahead at future ambitions?

Each year I scan Youtube to look for ads that go beyond their commercial messages. Brands that have understood they need to focus on what matters, not on what sells.

It seems that in 2022 after the worst covid years, most brands are focused again on their commercial goals. So I had to dig deep into the online offer, to present you my top 3 Christmas ads of 2022.

Nr 1 by far is the John Lewis ad!
John Lewis has a track record of ground-breaking advertising, and also this Christmas ad goes beyond and sets the example for an industry that is keen on pushing consumers to consume more. Not John Lewis. This heart-breaking commercial is centered around 108.000 British children who are in the care system. John Lewis is making a long-term commitment to support the futures of young people. A beautiful act of compassion, showing empathy for a future generation that needs extra care.

The commercial has been online for a month and has almost 4 million views, almost 1.500 people left mainly positive comments about how truthful this commercial brings the reality of children in foster care and how necessary foster parents are.
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