Kerstin Knapp talks about the power of artificial intelligence and the importance of loving a job.

Kerstin Knapp is the EVP of People and Culture at Vestas, a Danish company specializing in wind energy. In her second appearance in the CARE Principles podcast by Isabel Verstraete, she talks about:

– How Vestas approaches sustainability and how that is the responsibility of their 29.000 employees.

– How Vestas applies the CARE Principles: Collaboration – Agility – Reliability – Empathy.

– What Human Resources and leadership have in common for Kersten, and finally, don’t miss out on the tip that Kersten gives to everyone who listens or watches this episode!

Don’t miss out on the first episode with Kersten, you can also find it here on this YouTube channel or on The CARE Principles podcast channel on Spotify!

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