Klaus Thomsen from Coffee Collective is a passionate coffee entrepreneur with a big heart for coffee farmers and a great example of doing business for good.

Klaus talks about the green-washing but also blue-washing that is happening in the coffee industry, and how they are fighting against the traditional ways of dealing with coffee farmers. Our talk went on about the social impact a company can make and Coffee Collective’s environmental efforts. But we also talked about the importance of having a company purpose, staying true to your values, and doing business for good. Not wanting to grow for economic reasons, but wanting to grow to help others. A beautiful and inspiring example that proves how companies can strive for a balanced People-Planet-Prosperity business strategy, a thought that lies in the core of the CARE Principles.Thank you for listening and sharing this interview with a business entrepreneur who works from the heart while creating a better world. Thank you Klaus & Coffee Collective for this inspirational mission!

Would you also like to work from a real purpose and define how you CARE for People and the Planet? Simply contact us at hello@thecareprinciples.com More info on what Klaus talked about:




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