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This year Lee Cooper celebrates 115 years. For this occasion, we dove into the brand heritage and rejuvenated their nineties tagline ‘be yourself’. We collaborated with clients, fans, nonprofessional models, and ordinary people who wanted to be portrayed and share their stories about what it meant for them to be themselves.


Diversity and inclusion are part of the agility shift in the CARE strategic framework. Since 2016 we have been using models and people of all ages, gender (M – F – X), color, and social background. Proud that we have launched several people’s modeling careers!  Also, for this year’s Spring-Summer campaign, we have worked together with people between 2 and 62 years old!


As Lee Cooper is the oldest denim brand in Europe, we need to keep innovating and evolving to keep the products and brand relevant and reliable. The product I would like to highlight is the ‘boomer’ jeans they created, developed, and successfully introduced onto the Belgian market after a Purpose strategy exercise we did with the management team. The ‘boomer’ denim is a comfy, soft jogger model with the looks of a real denim pair of jeans. Specially made for the boomer generation but worn by all ages! Because we can all use a comfy pair of jeans right 😉


Empathy can be expressed in many ways; each brand needs to find a way to show this in an authentic and true way. Lee Cooper has a dedicated network of retailers who support and sell the brand. One of the ways Lee Cooper shows they really care for their professional customers is to invest in a #noos system. NOOS is the abbreviation for “never out of stock”. The term refers to denim products that can be ordered from the brand at any time and are then delivered immediately. Retailers, therefore, have fewer pre-orders, less financial pressure, and fewer risks to take. Care for the planet For more than a decade Lee Cooper’s been working on their sustainability efforts, read here all they do to reduce its carbon footprint, reduce water usage, and chemicals, focus on welfare, etc. This season a new innovation was launched: the circular jeans, a pair of denim made from 99% natural fibers, a lasered patch instead of a leather one, detachable buttons for separate recycling, and no metal objects for decoration use.

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