“Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards” could be a quote by Peter Paul Rubens.

How do you make a 16th-century world-renowned icon like Peter Paul Rubens future-proof?

That is the fascinating question I work on with the teams of the Rubens House, the city of Antwerp, and the historians of the Rubenianum.

The Rubens House is building the future while undergoing a refurbishment:

  • they are currently constructing a new entrance and experience center at the back of the current palazzo.
  • till January 8th – hurry up! – the Rubens House remains open. Then it closes for a thorough renovation and expansion.
  • a new Baroque garden is being created in collaboration with the Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten.

With many groundbreaking initiatives like funding a flower in Rubens’s new garden or collaboration with food archaeologist Athos Burez and mixologist Hannah Van Ongevalle who created a new cocktail that celebrates heritage.

We all can’t wait for the new museum to open its doors, roll out its new brand strategy and marketing initiatives and showcase to the entire world that Rubens’s knowledge and influence remain relevant today and tomorrow.

As always, I can’t say what the future strategy of the Rubens House is all about 🤐​, but check out what Bert Watteeuw, the Director said about our collaboration:

‘Isabel has an empathetic character, but don’t be mistaken. Gently, and incisively, she dissects your business in close collaboration with your team. Step by step she opens your eyes, bringing fresh oxygen and ownership to everyone involved—leaving a new organization in her wake.’

Bert Watteeuw, Museum Director Rubens House

Thank you Bert for the wonderful quote, you make me blush ☺️​

Your ‘founder’ or organization might not exist for centuries like Rubens. Still, nothing and nobody is taken for granted today, so everyone needs to ask themselves the question: how do I remain relevant?

So everyone needs to ask themselves the question: how do I remain relevant?

It is always a good idea:
– To dig deep into your DNA.
Write down your core beliefs.
– More than ever it matters what you value and how you make these values come to life on a day-to-day level.
– Define clearly what impact you want to make on people and on the planet.

More and more employees and clients demand it.
So if you want to keep or engage the brightest minds in the market, start working on this!

Building a future strategy on a grounded fundament is necessary as a compass to navigate the turbulent times we live in.

Need help defining your future strategy?
Give me a shout!

PS: The picture was taken in Rubens’s pupil’s studio where I currently have the chance to work with the marketing team on the future plans for the re-opening and beyond!

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