Meiny Prins on female leadership in a tech world and the need to create sustainable urban deltas.

Meiny is the CEO of Priva, a company that helps save energy and resources to grow people and plants in perfect environments. Meiny was elected ‘businesswomen of the year’ in 2009 but she believes that leadership is not about gender, nor about your position in the company but all about having a shared passion. She launched a foundation called: Sustainable Urban Delta and explains in this podcast why she did this. Cities all around the world consist of urban centers and rural green belts around them. Often a city has brownfields, which are old and abandoned industrial fields in cities. Meiny considers the Netherlands the 1st food-producing city in the world. With 17 million inhabitants, the Netherlands has the same scale as New York. This and more fascinating innovative ideas on the future of cities, food, buildings, and how anyone can make a positive impact are the topics of this final episode with the visionary CEO of Priva. Do you want to know more about how the CARE strategic framework can help your brand grow in a caring and sustainable way? Contact us for brand strategy advice or future-proof marketing plans.

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