Reacting in an agile way for your clients: how the coaching industry pivots towards a fast and focused model.

To book any kind of session with a doctor, specialist, mental or physical coach, you very much needed to adapt your own schedule and even take half a day off to be able to see that person. The UK based mentoring and coaching experts from Thrive Partners

turned this business model upside down. Their clients are in control and can order online a session when ever it fits their agenda. MyThrive offers direct and flexible coaching in 30-minute sessions that can be booked through their network of expert professionals at an hour’s notice. They collaborate with more than 260 coaches and mentors who work in 70 languages and are spread all over the globe.

How it works? Download their app, book your 30 minute session online – from a week to an hour before you need it. Choose your coach by expertise, topic or the time you want to be coached. Select a video, phone or chat session. The whole experience is build around your needs and wishes! They offer individual and team coaching sessions.

Thrive was founded in 2015 by Pam Bateson, an executive coach and lean consultant. Her view that coaching and mentoring had become slow, expensive and inefficient led her to explore a better way to deliver it – quickly, effectively, to the people that needed it most. By democratizing coaching with digital, Thrive has found new opportunities to change the way we learn – giving individuals around the world the confidence they need to shift, and organizations the insight they need to act with conviction.

A great example of how the future of coaching will probably look like, adapted to our agenda and not vice versa!

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