The Care Principles 3rd season podcast trailer: learn from Scandinavian trailblazers.

In this third season of our video podcast, Isabel, is set to take us on an unforgettable expedition to the stunning city of Copenhagen.

Why, you ask?

Well, I am on a quest to unlock the secrets of success from the Scandinavian organizations, who have fearlessly forged ahead by placing people and the planet at the very core of their strategies.

We’ll dive deep into the realm of these visionary companies, discovering how they’ve managed to thrive while championing their social and ecological goals.

But this isn’t just entertainment; it’s a call to action.

As you watch, learn, and absorb the profound insights shared by these trailblazing Scandinavian companies, we implore you to ignite the fire within you.

Together, let’s roll up our sleeves and make a tangible difference. Let’s embrace our responsibility to forge a path towards a prosperous future.

Enjoy 16 minutes of CARE, let’s seize the moment and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

My guests this season are:

Dr. Deborah Dunsire – President & CEO at Lundbeck.

Kerstin Knapp – Executive Vice President People & Culture at Vestas.

Sarah Müllertz – Founder of KINRADEN.

Peter Rømer Hansen – Co-founder of Group NAO.

Klaus Thomsen – Co-founder of Coffee Collective.

Randi Wahlsten – CEO at MATR Foods.

Emil Stigsgaard Fuglsang – Co-founder & COO at Matter.

Outi Sivonen – CHRO at Solita.

Runa Sabroe – Director of Development at Visit Copenhagen.

Ali E. Cevik – CEO & founder of HR-ON.

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