The CARE Principles podcast goes international: Copenhagen here we come!

We all know that the Nordic countries score amongst the best countries in the world in terms of happiness, equal opportunities, and affordable childcare. But they also score in terms of economic growth.

Happy to go to Copenhagen and get amazing insights from 10 game changers in different sectors. Learn how they care for people and the planet and how they apply the CARE Principles to grow their business in a social and sustainable way!

Equal opportunities and a good work-life balance are not just a matter of rights – they are good for the economy. Promoting gender equality has helped generate prosperity in the Nordic countries. Affordable childcare, education and parental leave for both parents have enhanced well-being and triggered economic growth.

Here are some statistics to learn from:

  • For the sixth year in a row, Finland is the world’s happiest country, according to World Happiness Report rankings based largely on life evaluations from the Gallup World Poll. Denmark is second, and Belgium is at the 17th spot. What can we learn from the Nordics?
  • Scandinavian countries are ranked at the top of countries with the lowest pay gap. Iceland, Finland, and Norway are in the top 3.
  • Finland, Denmark, and Sweden have the highest share of Nordic companies offering flexible working hours for both women and men.
  • 92% of Nordic 4-year-old kids are in daycare, and the vast majority of women work.
  • Childcare costs depend on income and are either fully or partly subsidized by the municipality. High-income families must pay for the full costs of childcare.
  • In total, parents in Denmark get 52 weeks of paid parental leave.
  • The majority of Danish sectors have 37 hours work week.

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