Turning garbage into energy with a big heart for their employees

Vyncke is a powerful company on many levels. They design and build green and clean energy plants. They employ over 350 enthusiastic ‘Vynckeneers’, the name they give to their staff all over the globe as they consider their people as their family. In 2016 they won the “Enterprise of the Year” Award in Belgium. They won this award through their strategic, innovation and managing capacities.  But what really made them stood out was their strong company culture and alignment with all their stakeholders.

The family owners understood already more than a decade ago that an investment into a strong company culture can help you attract and retain the most talented people in the industry.

So, they invested into a mix of employee wellbeing, ecology and corporate social responsibility. They created for instance, next to their Belgian offices, a parc consisting of 14.000 trees, a running track, petanque fields, showers, fruit picking gardens, a vineyard and beehives. All of this space and activities are built for the staff to use during office hours or weekend moments. Also customers can enjoy a walk in the parc when they visit the offices. Brand building and showing you care on such a level in a BtB environment will become the norm, but Vyncke was definitely a trailblazer!

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