Why don’t more companies have a better Employee Engagement?

Ali E. Cevik is the founder and CEO of the Danish Human Resources software provider HR-ON. Ali is a keynote speaker and comes regularly on national TV with his new ways of Employee Care. When he explains how people work at HR-ON, like – they have no hierarchy. – People can work whenever and from wherever they want. – Employees can take as many paid holidays as they want. – Company profits are shared with all employees. One wonders why not more companies adapt their Employee strategies. Watch this fascinating leader who makes it all sound so easy and simple, but explains to us how we are all stuck in old habits. Do you Dare to CARE and rethink your Employee Strategy? Just contact us at https://thecareprinciples.com/. For more info on the CARE strategic framework and how it helps you become the best in and for the world, please reach out to us. Ali’s amazing company can be found here: https://hr-on.com/en/ The 7 Habits Leadership course he mentions is: https://www.franklincoveyacademy.com/courses/seven-habits-of-highly-effective-people/

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