The last C A R E Principle is quite new to many companies. Why should you embrace it and install it at the heart of your organization? Because now more than ever, it will be important to understand your target group and really show them that you care. And empathy towards your clients begins within your company. If this crucial ingredient is missing, your customers will see through your act.

Showing you care for your staff on several levels will distinguish you from your competitors. On this page, thriving companies that are not afraid to embrace empathy will be highlighted.

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Zazi Vintage, taking care of your communities

Zazi vintage connects communities through cloth, a beautiful caring case of empathy.

Taking care of suppliers is definitely not high on the priority list of many fashion companies—yet trustworthy suppliers can be a key differentiating point towards your competitors. Read on to find out how one Dutch woman has taken action by creating a platform that aims to empower consumer and producer, one garment at a time. Please meet Jeanne De Kroon, UN ambassador and founder of  Zazi Vintage.

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