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Taking care or showing you care for something or someone is quite simple — so easy anyone can do it! Whether you are big or small, start-up or multinational, whether your target group is business or consumers, and whether you have a huge marketing budget or none at all.

Taking care is honestly not about how deep your pockets are, but about how big your heart is.

You can care for


Your people


Your clients


Your community

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The world

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5 tips to take better care of your employees!

The Care Principles framework starts internally by taking better care of your own people.
As several studies indicate a ‘great resignation’, a phenomenon that describes record numbers of people leaving their jobs after the COVID-19 pandemic end, we can all get some extra ideas on how to take better care of our staff.
Even if you believe that your employees won’t leave you, you probably have a record number of open positions and you struggle to find new employees.

Human Resources Management has definitely changed, so you better be prepared for the new war on talent!
Let me share with you here 5 tips to gain and retain the most talented people in your industry: 

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The Care Scan

The Care Scan

Applying the C A R E Principles is easy: any brand can do it. In order to see clearly the areas in which you already excel and find out which fields could use some more care, I have developed an easy-to-use online tool that gives you a clear and accurate indication of how well your company scores on the C A R E Principles.

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